5 good reasons to use Document Filters

 In this quick read, you’ll see five situations in which implementing Document Filters would make a positive impact on your product and end user. Document Filters, a single software developer kit (SDK), embeds in your application and delivers a powerful punch that changes the way users access and use their content:

  • Deploy on 27 platforms
  • Work with 550 file types
  • Inspect content — including comments, tracked changes and annotations
  • Extract useful information, including unstructured data
  • Render near-perfect reproductions

In the software world, usability is everything. If your customers aren’t able to access, manipulate and share their data — regardless of file format — they aren’t operating at 100 per cent or getting the best experience on the market. With Document Filters, you unveil content that was previously unstructured, unusable or inaccessible so your customers can compete at a higher, more efficient level than ever before.

Download Why Document Filters? We’ll give you 5 reasons to see how Document Filters makes an immediate and lasting difference for enterprises looking for an edge — or developers looking to increase their own product’s power.