Brainware for Lending

Reduce manual data collection efforts to cut costs and close loans faster

Lending is increasingly competitive and complex. Banks, lenders and loan servicers are taxed by increased customer expectations for a better and faster experience, while simultaneously managing the regulatory requirements that have increased the per loan cost of production and slowed the efficiency of the lending process. Through innovative capture technology, Hyland's intelligent capture solution, Brainware, enables lenders and servicers to increase productivity, ensure compliance, and provide transparency throughout the lending journey including from originations to funding and servicing.

Brainware significantly reduces the number of human touch points often required in today’s lending process. Utilizing industry leading OCR and intelligent capture tools, Brainware virtually eliminates the need to manually classify documents and hand-key data from even the most complex, diverse document types from bank statements, tax returns, closing disclosure forms, to HUD-1 documents. This template-free extraction solution accurately captures borrower data from loan applications and documentation, regardless of layout.

Brainware for Lending lets you:

  • Support compliance initiatives and requirements
  • Decrease manual labor costs
  • Lower cost per loan
  • Close loans faster
  • Achieve measurable ROI