Hyland Salesforce Integration

Improve visibility across your business relationships

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Increase efficiency with Hyland's integration with Salesforce 

Hyland’s content management and process automation solutions provide seamless access to critical documents and data in the same Salesforce system you use to manage business relationships. Both the OnBase and Perceptive Content products from Hyland easily integrate with Salesforce, allowing users to instantly surface relevant documents — like contracts, invoices and more — alongside corresponding Salesforce records, minimising the time spent searching for documents.

By digitising and storing documents in a secure, central location, staff no longer have to search through paper files or confusing network drives for relevant information. Document search and retrieval is accessible directly from the familiar Salesforce screen, while importing documents is as simple as drag-and-drop, eliminating the need to navigate to a different application.

Gain a complete view of every relationship

Hyland's integrations for Salesforce provides a single, complete view of your business relationships, which streamlines operations and enhances your ability to focus on your customers. From customer relationship management to sales and marketing, Hyland solutions complements Salesforce by:

  • Increasing visibility into all relevant information directly from Salesforce screens
  • Enabling search and retrieval within the context of corresponding records
  • Automatically mapping Salesforce data to uploaded documents to reduce manual indexing  
  • Supporting organisational document retention policies with automation
  • Minimising information errors across platforms by enabling access to the same content, whether retrieving from Salesforce or other integrated systems

Easily configure with built-in Salesforce integration options

With built-in configuration, Hyland integrations eliminate the cost of custom API development tools and minimises IT resource needs. With configuration and mapping activities integrated within the Salesforce interface, users can be assured of an easy transition to new software, with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

Improve interactions in every industry

In addition to better managing customer relationships for B2B and B2C organisations, Hyland's Salesforce integration enables users to work smarter across all industries, including:

  • Banking and financial services: From applications to credit history, loan officers have a complete view of the documents they need to initiate loans and validate borrower's credit.
  • Healthcare: Case managers, sales account managers and insurance payer service representatives rely on Salesforce to manage patient information. With Hyland, they also gain easy access to account histories, transactional statements and more to ensure a smooth experience for the patient. 
  • Higher education: With electronic student files and records on one screen, student services and enrollment staff have all the information they need to quickly respond to student inquiries and needs.
  • Government: City officials can easily manage process like permit and license applications, while also securely storing the maps, plots and plans linked to those requests.
  • Insurance: Allow claims officers to import and retrieve photos and documentation alongside customer information in Salesforce to expedite settlement.
  • Vendor management: Align vendor contracts, invoices and more with the vendor record in Salesforce to respond quickly whenever queries arise and strengthen vendor relationships. 

Ready to learn more? Contact Hyland to find out how your organisation can benefit by integrating content and process management with your Salesforce application.