One of the most immediate benefits of cloud delivery is that it removes the burden of solution installation, security and maintenance from your internal IT staff. When these crucial functions are transferred to the cloud, responsibility for them is transferred, as well. That means your employees have more time to spend on the initiatives that drive core business value.

With the Hyland Cloud, you aren’t just giving control of these functions to a faceless technological behemoth. You’re placing them in the skilled hands of Hyland’s Global Cloud Services team, experts in both the cloud and the Hyland content services portfolio.

Trust the experts at Hyland with your SaaS solutions

Hyland’s Global Cloud Services directly manage and maintain your unique cloud environment for each and every solution – and that management is never outsourced.

What is managed by Hyland’s Global Cloud Services?

The Hyland Cloud is managed by specially trained and accredited experts, regardless of where data is housed. Our Global Cloud Services Team manages disaster recovery, restoration time, service level agreement commitments, ongoing vulnerability testing and more – 24/7/365.

Global Cloud Services is staffed by passionate experts who are specifically recruited and trained to keep the Hyland Cloud uncompromised and data secure. This team of highly skilled and credentialed resources work in a physically separated and secured building at Hyland’s global headquarters. The Global Cloud Services team proactively monitors your hosted solutions 24/7/365, and ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing and audited policies and procedures keep your cloud solution safe.

When it comes to technology, the people behind it matter most

Learn more about the people supporting the Hyland cloud, and the people who benefit from it:

Global Cloud Services collaborates with teams across the Hyland enterprise to ensure your solution always runs smoothly. If an issue arises, we’ll handle it from start to finish.

A fully managed solution

As you migrate your solutions and content to the cloud, Hyland can also expertly manage traditional customer responsibilities via our comprehensive managed services offerings. From system administration, proactive solution monitoring, optimization, on-demand consulting, strategic planning and fully managed service desks and more — move to SaaS in the Hyland Cloud with managed services provides the exact resources and guidance you need, when and how you need them.