Benefits of Hyland’s Low-code Application Development Solution

Keep up with the pace of business by developing new solutions with minimal coding

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When your organization needs a new business solution, how quickly can it go live?

A new solution built using a low-code application development tool can be ready in less than half the time it takes for traditional development.

But for many legacy platforms, new solutions require a months-long process of either designing, developing and testing, or vetting, purchasing and implementing. When it comes to the traditional buy-or-build approach, the challenges you’ll run into are the same: complex coding, longer development cycles and higher costs.

Hyland’s content services suite helps you grow faster with low-code application development capabilities.

You’ll get a competitive edge with increased speed, agility and flexibility when you adopt low-code development into your digital transformation strategy.

Benefits: Hyland’s low-code application development capabilities

Hyland OnBase customers can use low-code capabilities to collaboratively any application. By building on one platform, organizations minimize information silos and leverage a shared underlying database and content repository. Hyland also offers native integration capabilities to synchronize information among separate line-of-business systems, acting as an integration hub and filling the gaps within the IT environment to create a better experience for your end users.


Low-code capabilities allow you to:

  • Accelerate the delivery of new applications and features with rapid application development (RAD).
  • Configure rather than code with intuitive tools like checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus, and make changes at any time, without expensive, time-consuming and difficult-to-maintain coding or scripting.
  • Minimize IT sprawl by building applications on one Hyland platform, drastically reducing the number of disparate solutions to support and vendors to manage.
  • Effectively respond to the needs of the business with robust, out-of-the-box functionality that can be easily expanded and modified to meet complex and evolving business requirements.
  • Realize more value, faster by minimizing the need for time-consuming, costly custom coding and multiple vendors — helping you realize a lower total cost of ownership and a quicker time-to-benefit.


Why content services and low-code application development?

What does that mean for your low-code applications?

You can combine the power of our content and process management capabilities with low-code application development to natively enable:

  • Seamless integration with your other key applications to extend those investments and streamline your IT environment
  • Cloud deployment and content consumption among your configured applications easier than ever
  • Industry- and department-specific capabilities for tailored solutions
  • Centralized governance of your information for simplified data security and regulatory compliance