Centric Consulting's Matt Dierker shares how Centric uses OnBase to help its clients

Video Transcription

Matt Dierker, VP of Centric Consulting

Centric core purpose is to deliver unmatched employee and customer experiences and that's realized in a lot of different ways. Fundamentally, it’s always just doing the best work you could possibly can with the clients. 95% of what we do is all about our client service every day; just being effective than that delivering flawless in the process. Centric is making a number of different types of investments when it comes to building our OnBase practice. The one that comes to mind, first of all is the training to train people whether that's formal training through Hyland – in going to classes such as those set in stone configuration and immigration training but also the ancillary on the side training or taking examples of client work that we've done and building out solutions directly within the OnBase platform to test our skills and also started building out actual solutions that we think that can be use down the road for our clients. A lot of our clients in insurance industry are looking at their core system, looking at ways that they can upgrade those. Insurance companies have traditionally gone a long period of time and trying to make use of the assets that they have but a lot of the functionality, has now been released relative to billing, claims administration, and policy admin are providing a lot more functionality to stay so companies are looking to make big investments there. Me, likewise, are making investments in our understanding to help our clients implement these systems. Our customers have me across the board that I think OnBase would be a good solution for mentioned before; that the course is to set the system implemented for our customers are going through however there is a lot of other ancillary processes and activities that really need to be managed within their related to compliance or any other process automation and document management need that is out there that may be separate from the core systems are related acclaimed billions housing administrations.