Mobile Content Management

Mobile access is essential to business processes, allowing them to continue flowing without waiting for employees to get back to their desks. With OnBase 13, the process can be initiated from anywhere with forms and photos being able to be instantly uploaded to OnBase from mobile devices. No network access? No problem. Documents can be taken offline on the iPad for reading later. Field workers can work completely offline, with OnBase automatically synchronising all the documents and information they need to an offline briefcase.

Video Transcription

Mobility is a hot topic for many OnBase customers. Four years ago, we introduced our mobile products to our OnBase product suites because enabling your mobile worker who needs to get their business process done when they are away from their desk is absolutely essential to a well-oiled, efficiently running business process. With OnBase 13, we added all sorts of new features to make worker more effective. With OnBase 13 we extended a great functionality that was available on OnBase 12, so whether it is from your iPad or smartphone, Android device, Windows, all of these platforms, we now have a great capability for you to interact with your workflow solutions. So whether you are working with a brand new form that you need to fill in and start a workflow process or perhaps you need to capture a photo and have that content to immediately work with your OnBase solution, OnBase 13 is ready for you. Take for instance with photos, we got this great capability within say, healthcare, where if I need to capture a wound photo and be able to make sure that that is part of my patient’s chart, OnBase can capture without any indexing necessary because it is all contextually driven as we bring that photo into OnBase. Specifically with the iPad, we added this great capability to grab reference documents, I can bring these two of my devices and when I am completely disconnected, perhaps when I am on a plane and I can still read these work and get my business done. Within our mobile space, is our unity briefcase. This is our client product that runs on a laptop or Windows tablet device that helps you interact with your documents and capture new documents and start new forms, fill in forms and all of that while you are on the road. With OnBase 13 we automated the ability for you to bring the documents that you need directly to your laptop through our workflow process. This guarantees that your mobile worker won’t accidentally forget content that they absolutely need when on the road. Automating the synchronization from your work to the unity briefcase is one more way that your information finds you with OnBase 13.