OnBase: Scale your solution to meet department and enterprise needs

OnBase affordably scales to meet your needs, whether you’re deploying solutions around a specific case, specific departments or your entire enterprise.

Manage all data surrounding processes with case management

Users manage all the data surrounding their processes alongside the supporting documents, allowing them to record all aspects of a case or transaction in one place. By offering case management capabilities, OnBase provides users with a 360-degree view of all the information they need – tasks, activities, conversations and reminders – to facilitate the work that requires their knowledge and expertise.

OnBase also simplifies process automation.With dynamic approval processes, OnBase simplifies the administration of complex approval structures and dynamically reassigns work when roles change and/or approvers are unavailable. With integrations with DocuSign and CIC, customers can also sign OnBase documents in the cloud, speeding up the signing process.

Support enterprise efforts with the latest technology advancements

While providing specific solutions for departments and business areas, OnBase is a technology platform that scales to meet the needs of your entire enterprise. OnBase is built to support the very latest server, application and database architectures. OnBase supports 64-bit databases, storing up to 1 quadrillion documents within a single OnBase system. OnBase can also take advantage of 64-bit server operating systems, allowing more users on less servers. If your other key applications are moving to 64-bit, OnBase will continue to integrate with them.

With OnBase, organisations meet the changing needs across their enterprise with one solution, one code base and one vendor. OnBase lets you start small and expand as your time and budget permit. Because it’s affordable, easy to configure and user-friendly, it’s a financially sustainable solution with a return on investment that emerges almost as quickly as it deploys.

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