Physical Records Management Software

Simplify your organisation's physical document tracking system

OnBase enables organisations to track, locate and request physical records electronically. Manage physical records alongside electronic documents and records, using OnBase as the single interface — regardless of record location or format.

OnBase physical records management software enables organisations to: 

  • Provide centralised management of physical records alongside electronic records in a single system
  • Enforce uniform retention policies across both physical storage facilities and electronic repositories
  • Extend compliance initiatives into physical record business practices
  • Rapidly discover and locate physical record information as it relates to electronic content
  • Increase accountability by tracking the chain of custody through an auditable access history

Benefits of a physical records management software system

By deploying an OnBase physical document tracking system, you provide employees with a truly complete set of content, both electronic and physical. This includes benefits such as:

  • Empowering employees to focus on work that moves the company forward, not retention requirements
  • Enabling records managers to focus on the overall process due to increased visibility
  • Simplifying compliance efforts organisation-wide by making sure records are securely organised, appropriately discoverable and then destroyed at the appropriate time

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