Document Archiving and File Storage Software Solutions

Simple and secure storage for your electronic documents

OnBase document archiving solutions offer a variety of choices as to where and how your files will be stored and managed, from simple network file shares on Windows or Linux file servers to purpose-built storage devices.

OnBase allows you to store an unlimited number of live, online copies for each file within the system. If you experience any hardware or network failures interrupting access to your main file servers, OnBase instantly fails over to secondary copies to ensure there’s no business downtime.

Optimised for performance with separate data and file storage

OnBase enables your database to do what it does best — manage data — while your file servers or storage devices manage your electronic files.

This separation of data and documents allows OnBase to run at maximum efficiency — from a small departmental solution to a global enterprise deployment. All of this is achieved while making maintenance and backups more manageable.

Enhance your document archiving solution with OnBase document archiving and file storage software

OnBase offers a variety of file archiving and storage solutions, including:

  • EMC Centera: The OnBase Integration for EMC Centera uses built-in redundancy to ensure document availability, reduces the time spent creating back-ups and retains content stored in Centera according to OnBase retention schedules
  • IBM Tivoli: The OnBase Integration for IBM Tivoli allows users to store OnBase documents on media controlled by an IBM Tivoli storage manager, eliminating the need to install Tivoli on every workstation and easily archiving a variety of media types and copies for off-site storage
  • Document transfer: OnBase allows data and content to be shared and/or replicated between two or more independent OnBase systems. This equips users to interact with information across distributed organisational structures and geographies.
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray authoring and export: OnBase integrates with a Rimage unit to allow automatic, unattended backup of document files from any OnBase disk group volume onto a CD or DVD media. These discs can then be stored off-site and used to restore documents in the event of data loss.

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