Electronic Signature Solution

You’re well aware of how slow and inefficient paper-based signature processes can be—creating barriers to completing timely approvals and authorisations.

OnBase users can use electronic signatures to provide all the legal authority of “wet ink” but without the cumbersome and time-consuming tasks of printing, faxing, mailing and manually validating signed paper.

Automate the signing process

The electronic signature solution gives your customers, partners and employees a fully automated solution that speeds the signing process and securely routes documents to the proper recipients.

Features of electronic signature include:

  • Secure document distribution, with options for parallel or sequential signing
  • Access via any valid email address and internet connection
  • Protected delivery via a secure HTTP connection
  • Automatic notification for instant and proactive visibility into the status of electronic signatures Identity verification with knowledge-based authentication
  • Complete audit history for review or archiving
  • Data field validation
  • Flexible hardware options for electronic signatures

Learn more on how OnBase and DocuSignhttp: move business forward, adding electronic signatures to any solution.