Case management in the real world

How OnBase case management changed the way three organisations work

You know your organisation has processes it can’t define with outcomes it can’t predict. And you’ve read that OnBase case management software solutions can empower your teams to effectively manage cases, make better decisions and handle high-value exceptions.

But how does that translate to the real world? How are these ubiquitous “organisations” using case management to make employees’ lives easier and deliver better customer experiences?

Here are three examples of how companies just like yours are making a difference with case management:

No.1: Universal Forest Products crafts no-code case management applications with OnBase

Manufacturer Universal Forest Products was managing business processes across its more than 80 international plants with scattered spreadsheets and aging database applications.

It was a nightmare for process owners in terms of system maintenance, upgrades and process changes. It also meant that business units frequently had to wait six months to a year for applications to be created to support new or updated processes.

The move to a case management solution allowed UFP to use a flexible platform for configuring business applications throughout the organisation.

“We could build just about any database application we needed, while replacing old applications about to be sunset,” said Sean Lemon, UFP national project manager. These include case management applications such as capital expenditure, storm water, lease and customer management. “With a platform and applications built upon OnBase, we can use the system to streamline the entire process.”

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No. 2: Case management elevates advising at the University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame’s First Year of Studies programme for incoming undergraduate freshmen was plagued by paper and information silos. Advisors managed key student data in 18 separate access databases and stored related content in spreadsheets, folders and physical file cabinets. Unsurprisingly, these methods impacted service, visibility and data integrity.

Today, case management helps faculty and staff improve advising and better manage first-year student information.

Advisors access all student information and related content in a digital student file solution, including admissions documents and real-time data pulled from the Banner® by Ellucian student information system. Now advisors have a complete view of each student.

“While students are in the waiting room, advisors can pull up their electronic files, see their pictures and view details like FERPA status, academic schedules, marks and pending module drops. They also have access to all related documents – giving them a quick synopsis of each student,” said Tracy Weber, manager of digital document management.

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No. 3: The Judge Group overhauls onboarding with low-code case management solution

Global staffing firm The Judge Group was growing fast and, as a result, having a hard time managing its contractor onboarding process. Not good when your independent contractors have a lot of choices and expect a modern, streamlined experience.

Case management turned things around. Working with certified OnBase solution provider MTS Software Solutions, The Judge Group turned to an OnBase case management solution. Now compliance personnel treat each contractor placement as a case – managing all contractor information, placement data and required HR documentation in one central repository.

OnBase also integrates with the firm’s other systems, like its ERP, to locate critical information and display up-to-the-minute contractor data alongside all other case-related information.

Gone are the days of manually tracking documents in network folders and Excel spreadsheets.

>>Read the full Judge Group case study here<<

How case management does it all

How does OnBase case management do it?

OnBase centralises all information surrounding a case and provides users with all the tools they need – whether they’re resolving an issue, managing a claim, fulfilling a service request or onboarding an employee. Now employees are empowered to work smarter and customers, patients, students and constituents are getting better, more personalised service. And one  OnBase platform offers a variety of solutions enterprise-wide.

OnBase case management capabilities equip your organisation to solve a wide range of business problems – from facilities project management and compliance tracking to vendor management, contract management, HR onboarding, incident resolution and fraud investigation – all on one central platform.

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