Integrate OnBase with your other applications

Get accurate information to make faster decisions in one central location

OnBase provides a variety of integration methods to equip users with instant access to all  information they need from their preferred application.

Leverage information from another application to automate processes in OnBase such as filling out forms, triggering business workflows or composing documents. Sync data between systems to connect documents and processes in OnBase with records in your business application in real time, empowering users to make critical business decisions with up-to-date information.

Streamline information access by integrating OnBase with key systems

OnBase integrates with your key applications via a variety of integration options:

  • Purpose-built integrations: Purpose-built integrations for many widely-adopted applications, including PeopleSoft®, SAP®, Microsoft Office®, Outlook®, ESRI®, Ellucian, Workday and Infor. These specific integrations seamlessly feed information and documents between OnBase and the other applications.
  • Screen-level integrations: With a point-and-click configuration tool, OnBase empowers your users to access documents, create forms and even begin OnBase processes directly from the screens of other business applications.
  • Data-level integrations: OnBase offers an enterprise integration platform to coordinate an instantaneous, guaranteed exchange of data between your applications. By integrating your applications at the data-level, you ensure that the data across all your systems is consistent and up-to-date. 

Integrations are only part of the overall OnBase product capabilities. Click here to learn more.