Costpoint Integration

The docs for Deltek Costpoint Integration speeds up business processes by providing users with access to documents commonly stored outside the ERP system from within their familiar Costpoint® environment.

Efficiently manage documents in Deltek Costpoint

docs for Deltek provides a secure, central document repository to store information throughout your organisation, including scanned images and electronic documents as well as emails, videos and any other file types. With over 200 modules of capability, docs for Deltek goes well beyond the native features of SharePoint® when it comes to document management capabilities.

With this integration in place, organisations:

  • Place greater controls around the storage and retention of electronic files
  • Reduce search time for key information
  • Improve resiliency in the event of a disaster
  • Eliminate the difficulties associated with sharing paper-based documents directly from Costpoint

Leverage ECM capabilities

With enterprise content management (ECM) as the foundation, docs for Deltek allows users to leverage common system components like scanning/document capture, document retrieval and system security within their Costpoint environment. By linking docs for Deltek and designated Costpoint screens, users view associated documents in Costpoint with a simple mouse click. Once in place, organisations can immediately capture incoming documents electronically, facilitating on-demand access for users. 

docs for Deltek provides additional business process management capabilities that allow users to automate and track common business processes while connecting them to documents and data stored in Costpoint. With flexible, point-and-click workflow features, users can also automate processes for increased efficiency. Additionally, because docs for Deltek automates processes, it maintains a complete audit trail, allowing users to support compliance while effectively managing productivity.

Approval processing and routing functionality with Deltek Costpoint integration

The docs for Deltek Costpoint Integration also features approval processing and routing functionality that can be added to your solution to provide automated reviews, approvals and tracking based on a set of user-defined business rules.
Other approval routing functions include:

  • Accounts Payable: Pre-configured baseline AP approval process for routing invoices and coding into your Deltek system
  • Purchase Requisitions: Includes electronic forms for entry of key requisition details prior to routing for approval processing
  • Accounts Receivable: Allows electronic expense related documents to be collected and combined to support outgoing invoices
  • HR/Employee Files: Provides onboarding, employee management and separation driven by a virtual employee file using a common file-folder layout
  • Project Documents Repository: Leveraged to create a central repository for project related documents