7 Reasons to Use Investigative Case Management Software

Whether you’re working for a financial institution, insurance company, or any other organisation with compliance issues, investigations of some type are likely a part of your business operations. Underwriting, fraud, anti-money laundering, claims management, public defender work—even employee background checks—require employment of the investigative process. And these investigations are all best handled by a robust case management solution.

Investigative case management focuses work on evidence gathering for the sake of producing a conclusion such as a conviction or violation discovery. This goal-driven work requires meticulous attention to the detail that significant data provides. As such, case management software should facilitate information collection and analysis, empowering your team to use data to resolve even the most complex cases.

Here are 7 reasons why case management software for your investigations is crucial.

1. Aid investigators’ work

Get off the paper trail. Case management software provides a repository for all your data—both structured (straightforward information easily stored in a database) and unstructured (emails, scanned documents, audio and video files, etc.) for ease of access. A content management system can also extract, audit, and analyse data from disparate sources, allowing your investigators to effectively and quickly recognise connections and patterns as well as identify relevant evidence and non-compliance.

2. Simplify the process

Case management software can be used to initiate new investigations that might originate from various sources including your detection systems, internal audit, employees, or even clients. These cases can then be systematically prioritised, assigned and routed to the appropriate people based on workflow rules. Upon resolution, outcomes are delivered automatically to decision-makers, reported to regulators or distributed to a defined recipient list in a comprehensible, timely manner.

3. Consolidate data

Data once confined to spreadsheets and file folders is actionable intelligence when centrally managed via case management software. And while various systems and information sources keep data isolated in separate databases and applications that don’t necessarily communicate with one another, a case management solution by definition connects the dots, bringing all data pertinent to the current investigation—including past investigations, organisational policy and associated references—together into one interface.

4. Maintain data confidentiality

Without a case management system in place, access to potentially sensitive material and data from your investigations can be arbitrary, even haphasard. An investigative case management solution can limit access based on permissions you establish so no one can see information they shouldn’t. An effective solution can also ensure investigations comply with your organisation’s rules and standards.

5. Save time

Managing and accessing data pulled from multiple sources is time-consuming—and the more information on-hand, the harder to analyse. Investigative case management software can simplify and speed up your investigations with automated processes, real-time reporting and increased accuracy. And universal access via connected devices means investigations can move forward anytime, anywhere.

6. Improve collaboration

Investigative case management solutions provide online tools for real-time collaboration via posts of pictures and notes, giving your investigators incentive to work together and share insights with other departments. This sharing, in turn, will streamline processes and further enhance case communication throughout the organisation.

7. Save money

Optimised collaboration among your team members and supporting parties makes sense out of complexity (or chaos). By streamlining communication and interactions, solutions for investigative case management can help you build strong platforms for negotiating and decision-making, reducing overhead and missed opportunity costs.

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