5 Ways Your Workforce Benefits from OnBase Mobile Offline

With research showing that the workforce will become more and more mobile over the next couple of years, it is important to consider the mobility of your business processes for your mobile workforce. Moreover, when they are lacking a solid network connection, are you still enabling them to continue important processes?

What can your mobile workforce accomplish with OnBase while working offline?

There are 5 reasons the OnBase mobile offline experience is an essential part of your business technology strategy.

  1. Mobile access even while disconnected
    Employees maintain easy access to critical business content directly from their tablet device.
  2. Collect information and signatures
    Staff no longer need to print out forms to take with them on the road to grab info and signatures in case they lose connection, they can simply use their tablet – with or without connectivity.
  3. Capture images using the tablet’s camera
    Your mobile workforce can use their tablet’s camera to capture photos or as a mobile scanner for document capture while offline.
  4. Support security and compliance
    With OnBase, you ensure only those who are supposed to see content can access that content and, even while disconnected, an audit trail of changes is kept on all content.
  5. Continue critical processes
    Staff can interact with and update business-critical content while offline which can then immediately trigger new processes when the device is back online.

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