The future of the insurance industry is digital. That’s no surprise, right?

What some insurers might not fully understand, though, is how to build the right foundation — one that allows innovation and technology to flourish. A platform ecosystem — which can reduce risk, increase visibility and integrate with core systems like Guidewire InsuranceSuite — is the answer.

This e-book, The future is digital. Are you prepared?, illustrates the many benefits of a platform ecosystem. Discover:

  • How a platform ecosystem can transform claims processes
  • Why insurers are increasing their spending on the cloud
  • What insurers are saying about their Hyland and Guidewire integrations

A robust platform ecosystem gives insurers a complete view of the insured and empowers them with the tools and insights to become trusted advisers to their customers. With Hyland and Guidewire together, organizations have an insurance engine built for the open world.

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