Hyland Healthcare Connection Centre

See your whole patient. Hyland Healthcare's industry-leading content services and enterprise imaging solutions connect patient content and images to core clinical systems across your organisation.

Please take time to explore our immersive, virtual healthcare trade show experience. Join Hyland Healthcare as we network, collaborate, educate and innovate – virtually! – to influence the future of healthcare.

Hyland Healthcare provides the connected healthcare solutions that link the scattered unstructured information from all corners of your enterprise to core systems – allowing you to see your whole patient and improve clinical and business decision making.

Like our physical booth at the HIMSS Conference, our Virtual Connection Centre features sections designed to show you how our content services and enterprise imaging solutions can help you address some of your most pressing health IT initiatives and challenges.

Hyland Healthcare Solution Centre

Interoperability Showcase

What's on the minds of healthcare leaders? 

Hyland Healthcare recently partnered with HIMSS Media to survey leading healthcare delivery organisations on their interoperability progress and challenges. Here's how other hospitals and health systems are approaching and improving healthcare interoperability. Are you keeping pace? 

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Learn more about the topics to be presented in this series and register for one or more of the webinars. If you can't attend live, register anyway to receive a link to the recording. 

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