Lenders can use the PII Compliance Solution to automatically redact information

Watch the demo

For lenders facing changing mortgage regulations around redaction requirements, the hurdle can be immense. How many hours will employees spend searching electronic documents for redaction-required information – or worse, with white-out or permanent marker on printed paper?

For technology-forward customers using OnBase, the answer could be “zero.” The PII Compliance Solution, Hyland’s document redaction application, allows lenders to automate the redaction process while providing the ability to upload documents in bulk in an agreeable format.

In this demo, see how the PII Compliance Solution works:

  • Import documents to the OnBase repository
  • Send them to the redaction processer
  • OnBase will redact any of the key values wherever they are in the document
  • Original copies are kept for future reference
  • Export redacted documents 
  • Report on metrics surrounding the documents

PII Compliance Solution uses intelligent automated redaction processes to save lenders time and preserves accuracy within a compliance-focused industry. Watch the quick demo today!