Reduce risk and improve compliance in insurance

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New claims, policy changes, detailed financial information and other business communications enter your organization every day.

Regulatory compliance is a given in the insurance industry.  We make it easy to manage your information throughout its life-cycle.

Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS) is Hyland’s first truly complete end-to-end retention solution. GRaaS combines a fully researched and vetted web-accessible retention schedule — powered by the retention experts at Iron Mountain — with robust automation to apply those same retention rules directly to OnBase documents.

Records Managers can then focus their time on more valuable strategic initiatives and end users can continue working seamlessly while GRaaS manages retention in the background. Join us to learn how you can leverage this new offering to know your obligations, show compliance and finally destroy documents with confidence.

Download our webinar to learn about regulatory compliance in the insurance industry, and how to make it easy to manage your information throughout its life-cycle. 

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