Ready for Guidewire Accelerator for Guidewire BillingCentre™

The Ready for Guidewire Accelerator for Guidewire BillingCentre™ improves productivity, processes

As technology advances and InsurTech changes the insurance landscape, consumers expect instant communication with their insurer and immediate action whenever they reach out. Arming call centre and billing centre personnel with immediate access to the details of a policy or claim enhances their ability to meet consumers’ expectations, closing calls at the initial inquiry and eliminating callbacks.

When customers call in with a question or issue, OnBase, Hyland's content services platform, allows billing centre clerks to access the entire client file – including policy, claims and billing information - directly from BillingCentre. The information retrieved provides a complete view of the customer, better equipping clerks with a full understanding of the client and the client’s issue.

In addition, when you receive a billing inquiry by mail or through the customer call centre, OnBase automatically creates an activity record in Guidewire, prompting customer service representatives to take action. 

Improve access to and distribution of billing documents

The OnBase Accelerator for Guidewire BillingCentre allows you to transform what is commonly a very tedious accounting process into an effective way to handle customer billing inquiries, requests for duplicate invoices, escheat processing, collection documentation and more.

  • OnBase automatically stores premium, cancellation and reinstatement notices generated by Guidewire, linking the documents to other supporting information within a tabbed folder structure.
  • Underwriters, claims adjusters, customer service representatives and accounting staff quickly access these billing documents directly from Guidewire, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

OnBase also manages the distribution of documents such as billing notices, collection notices and cancellations of non-payment, automatically configuring them for customer delivery via fax, email, FTP sites, network printers or online portals.