Become a more customer-focused organisation with a digital transformation strategy dedicated to smarter, stronger, faster growth

Growing isn’t always easy, especially at an enterprise level. It often means learning new processes, breaking old habits, or investing in an uncertain future. But it is always necessary.

As the world continues to change around you, staying stuck in the past – in the way you’ve always done things – is no longer an option.

Do you want to thrive – not just survive – in today’s digitally different world?

Analyst firm Independent Thought Limited explores how emerging collaborative technologies are helping organisations survive, thrive, create new competitive differentiators, and potentially avoid the next disruption.

Learn how to develop a digital transformation strategy that fits your goals, and how the right tools combined with the right approach and vision can help you become digitally different.

The good news is, it’s easier than ever to prepare for the future and turn your organisation’s vision of growth into a reality. Thanks to developing technologies, secure and accessible SaaS solutions and answers to your information lifecycle challenges, your organisation is primed to evolve.

The even better news is, while growth may be a necessity, it is also an opportunity. An opportunity for more fulfilled employees, a healthier bottom line, a more adaptable business model, and – most importantly – for happier customers.

Like everyone else in the United States, we faced the reality of transitioning to a completely remote workforce in March of 2020. Because of our digital transformation efforts over the last several years, about 48 percent of our workforce was already working remotely.

Noridian Healthcare Solutions CIO Todd Knain

Learn how Noridian transitioned its entire workforce remote in just three days

Grow into the future with an IT-focused digital transformation strategy

It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum that comes along with innovation and growth. But without a clear vision of where you want to be, and a defined strategy of how you’re going to get there, your organisation risks growing in the wrong direction.

“Around the world, companies are executing on digital transformation tactics without defining exactly how (or why) they want to transform their operations. They’re not transforming; they’re simply reacting.”

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Before making any organisational changes, it’s important to agree on why you’re making them. At Hyland, we help our customers grow into the future by creating a stronger foundation on which to do business, allowing them to change course faster as circumstances change, and empowering their employees to make smarter business decisions on the fly, no matter where they are.

We believe technology should transform the way you work, and we rely on enterprise content services solutions to drive that transformation. Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan explains why content services is the backbone of any 21st century digital transformation strategy:

“A content services platform helps to unify traditional siloed and disparate systems into a seamless, secure, and highly searchable work environment that enhances collaboration, reduces costs, and optimises workflows, while empowering organisations to repurpose resources and content, and maintain information ecosystems optimised for corporate governance and compliance.”

Once combined, content management platforms and process automation have the power to optimise digital transformation efforts, drive growth and strengthen customer relationships.

Experience sensational, strategic growth … with a safety net

None of us can see into the future. We can’t even know for sure what’s going to happen next week. But when you’re making choices as significant as your organisation’s growth strategy, it’s comforting to work alongside a partner that can support you in your quest for stronger, smarter, faster growth. That’s Hyland.