The benefits of cloud delivery for content services

Security, savings and service

When you choose to have your content services delivered in the Hyland Cloud, you reap the benefits of SaaS delivery. You eliminate the need to monitor and maintain the security, availability and disaster recovery of your environment — freeing your internal teams to focus instead on your solutions and extending the power of your software. Some of the other top benefits of cloud delivery include:

Disaster recovery
Be prepared for the unpredictable to occur. The Hyland Cloud helps you regain access to your critical content and processes as soon as possible after a disaster. All Hyland Cloud solutions include strong disaster recovery protocols — including contractual commitments for recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

Data availability
Allow your organization access to its mission-critical information where and when it’s needed. High availability means that your users can access their information anywhere, any time. The Hyland Cloud supports this access with aggressive failover exercises, incident response and resource utilization monitoring, which come standard as part of all SaaS solutions in the Hyland Cloud. These ongoing efforts contribute to the 99.99 percent historical uptime provided by our cloud.

Cost savings
Hosting solutions on-premises carries more than just risk: It includes operational cost. Software as a Service in the Hyland Cloud reduces this cost for organizations. Areas of cost-savings include:

  • Staffing
  • Overtime
  • Database maintenance
  • Physical and logical security
  • Software upgrades

Incident response
Our swift incident response helps companies avoid compliance fines and reduces customer dissatisfaction generated by data downtime. We regularly test and update our incident response procedures to ensure quick and effective action.

Data security
The security of your organization’s data is our highest priority because we know it is your highest priority. The Hyland Cloud leverages best-in-class security standards to safeguard your information.

Geographical disbursement
Highly available environments and geographically diverse data center locations reduce localized problems and enhance performance and reliability.

Expert access
The Hyland Cloud is managed by dedicated professionals with years of experience in both Hyland products and cloud operations. Our staff’s best-in-class expertise enhances your implementation and solutions.

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