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Drive process efficiency with an SIS integration

Your student information system (SIS) is a fundamental solution for managing student data. But when it’s disconnected from your school’s other business systems and information sources, the manual, error-prone and labor-intensive processes that result bog down decision-making in your admissions, financial aid and registrar’s offices. 

Integrating a Hyland content services platform solution with your SIS capitalises on your institution’s system of record, while getting more performance out of it to increase efficiency. With so many SIS transactions depending on documents and processes managed within a content services platform, the technologies are natural complements. 

A Hyland solution captures, stores and indexes documents with information from your SIS while automatically updating the document checklist in SIS, reducing or eliminating error-prone data entry. As data comes in, workflows electronically route documents for faster decision-making. Users access accurate student data by simply clicking a button from within the SIS interface. 

With a Hyland integration, you’ll streamline your operations, automating processes and improving your ability to quickly and efficiently process a student application, verify a financial aid package, evaluate a student transcript and more.