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With our unparalleled suite of services, Hyland Healthcare offers a true enterprise solution that enables better outcomes — from the ED to HR.

In healthcare, nothing matters more than your patients. Delivering the best care and patient experience drives every decision you make. But when mission-critical data is scattered across repositories, filing cabinets, digital archives and other disparate systems, it can be difficult for all of your departments to have a shared, holistic view of the patient.

Hyland Healthcare provides connected healthcare solutions that let you manage all unstructured clinical and business content at the enterprise level. Our portfolio includes an extensive suite of content services and enterprise imaging tools that integrate with existing healthcare systems to provide a comprehensive understanding of patient and operational information.

As a result, your organization spends less time searching for information, freeing you up to focus on what’s truly important — improving patient care.

See how our solutions impact nearly every area of your healthcare organization in this informative map.

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