Human Resources 

Eliminate paper-based processes to streamline HR workflows

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Hiring the best healthcare professionals faster than your competition gives you an advantage. But, if your human resources (HR) department runs on manual, paper-based processes, you’re likely not going to recruit – or retain – the physicians, nurses and medical staff you want.

Empower your health system’s HR staff to meet the needs of future and current healthcare professionals with OnBase content services.

Simplify your health system’s HR tasks

OnBase helps your HR department:

  • Automate redundant tasks in the HR process, from tracking contact information, benefits, vacation and sick time as well as training, certifications and performance evaluations of nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and support staff
  • Manage the entire HR workflow, from interviews and on-boarding to the separation process so your organisation can hire the best healthcare professionals faster while meeting all compliance requirements
  • Help establish a complete personnel record for every employee, including licenses, certifications and other documents, available immediately
  • Record and archive hospital policy acknowledgements with the OnBase Policies and Procedures solution
  • Integrate with your ERP, including PeopleSoft and Infor Lawson systems so your staff does not have to navigate away from these core applications to search for employee information
  • Perform accurate audits, running reports that show you at a high-level what’s missing and employee folders indicating what is missing at a glance
  • Let managers respond to requests from mobile devices

Proven technology to overcome HR challenges in healthcare

As soon as the first document uploads to OnBase, the solution automatically creates an employee folder and populates it with that employee’s documents. OnBase not only displays the employee documents, but it also indicates what documentation is missing from the Employee Folder. It can also:

  • Generate offer letters automatically after approval
  • Automatically identify missing documents and any missing information within the forms that have been submitted  
  • Make application forms available on your website. Once submitted, the application enters an automated workflow that checks for completeness, sends a receipt of acknowledgement and routes the application to the correct HR representative.

Using OnBase to simplify HR tasks allows your health system’s HR staff accomplish more with less effort. But, that’s just the beginning. As an enterprise solution, OnBase addresses countless other challenges in departments throughout your enterprise – whether administrative or clinical.