Health Benefits Exchange Software

Exploring the advantages of using process and content management is an important first step in your health benefits exchange implementation project. Health benefits exchange software from Hyland streamlines and automates everyday business processes for measurable time- and cost-savings. Documents, sensitive data and critical content are stored securely within your existing software to enhance collaboration across the department and improve constituent service.

Connect constituents and information instantly

Hyland health benefits exchange software captures all types of information, including applications, renewal forms, identity documents and proof of insurance. Scan at the point of service to immediately get identity documents back in the hands of their owner. All of this data is stored in a secure, central repository for quick access by authorised staff within and across your agency.

Hyland technology enables you to:

  • Speed processing by capturing all types of documents, including signatures and photos, at the point of service and automatically link them to citizen’s records in your legacy system
  • Verify customer insurance eligibility and record customer’s documentation
  • Increase staff productivity with single-click access to any document from user work stations at the moment it’s needed
  • Utilise barcode processing to automate the capture of inbound correspondence, including paper and electronic formats, as well as constituent reporting
  • Ensure integrity of confidential data and comply with security mandates