Federal Case Management

One platform for case management across your agency

The ebb and flow of agency mission change and new program delivery is a reality that every information technology (IT) department in government has to face. With every new program, IT – including data systems, reporting and process automation – is already behind before the ink is dry on the new program rules. These new needs add to the large pile of modernization, security and solution concerns already on the to-do list.

A Hyland Case Management platform helps you keep up with the constant change by enabling you to point-and-click configure data-driven applications to fill the gaps between your line-of-business systems. That way, when needs change, your IT department can quickly create new applications to support initiatives without the high capital and time costs associated with custom coding. 

By building these applications on top of a comprehensive content services platform, you take advantage of robust native functionality – such as document management, automation and security controls. One platform scales to support applications across your agency, whether on-premises or in the Hyland Cloud.

A complete view into your agency’s processes and information

To help deliver superior service to your constituents, your agency needs a platform to quickly build applications that improve processes and information access surrounding a case. Hyland Case Management accomplishes this by:

  • Providing point-and-click framework for building applications while remaining in compliance with federal regulations
  • Equipping staff to manage cases and knowledge work by providing access to all data documents and processes from a central location
  • Allowing your agency to capture all its data first and then grow the solution as new needs arise
  • Creating one place to manage security, upgrades, compliance and maintenance
  • Scaling to meet the changing needs of your agency to maximize ROI

With Hyland content services, you get a platform that combines the potential of flexible rapid application development with the automation required to relieve workload and compliance concerns. This gives you get a toolkit that can change with the programmatic and political winds.