Consumer lending software solutions

Secure, centralised consumer loan information, data and documents

Efficiency, cost, process, operations and staffing are the top challenges for consumer lenders, according to one American Bankers Association survey. Though it is the No. 1 concern, a lack of efficiency isn’t a problem in and of itself — it’s a top driver of the other business challenges flagged by respondents in the survey above.

Inefficient processes cause costs to go up. Customers and members choose other lenders who can provide services faster. And manual, paper-heavy processing can’t scale up to meet rising demand without adding staffing resources. Sound familiar? It might be time to start exploring consumer lending solutions.

Forget challenges. Go for opportunities.

Challenges like those mentioned above don’t have to hold your consumer lending business back. Commercial banks, finance companies, credit unions, savings institutions and internet-only banks have all recognised that using a robust content services platform to bring consumer loan information, data and documents together in one central location presents tremendous business opportunities.

Hyland content services can streamline the consumer lending process for direct and in direct lenders through: