Automate Your Transcript Processes

Your Admissions staff needs basic data from high school transcripts in order to evaluate applicants for admission. Is it the best use of time to manually key in school name, GPA and graduation date from every transcript, or does it make more sense to offload that work and give your staff more time to spend on evaluating applicants? 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Brainware for Transcripts can:

  • Automatically classify and capture relevant data from incoming transcripts, regardless of format  
  • Reconcile captured data against your Student Information System to ensure accuracy and seamlessly pass that data through for additional processing  
  • Reduce time needed to process transcripts, empowering you to make faster admissions decisions and quicker transfer credit awards  

Faster decisions give your school a competitive advantage and help support annual enrollment goals.

Watch the Brainware for Transcripts webinar to learn more. 

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