AI and Data Capture

For some, the thought of artificial intelligence brings with it visions of self-driving vehicles, robot doctors that diagnose illness, or automated concierge services at posh urban hotels. The impact of AI in invoice data capture may not be as worthy of science fiction movie or a cover story in a glossy consumer magazine, but the results will be as transformative.”

Your organisation has data problems. Even if you have digitised your documents those documents still need the important information easily, quickly and accurately extracted and placed in systems where action can be taken.

Chances are your AP department is feeling this, maybe worse than any other departments. AP is a great example by which to see the benefits of implementing automated data capture and specifically a product that leverages artificial intelligence.

In this whitepaper, you will get a better understanding of:

  • The concepts of artificial intelligence
  • How artificial intelligence can improve problem areas like invoice capture
  • Why AI is beneficial within data capture solutions specifically

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