Full-service IT firm expands to offer complementary services through Hyland

LBMC Technology Solutions, a full-service IT firm, explains why it thinks Hyland is a top-of-class partner.

Full transcript:

"LBMC became a Hyland partner because we're a full service IT firm and we wanted to offer complementary services to some of our ERP solutions around AP automation and Hyland was a perfect fit for that.

We've had the most success selling AP automation solutions to our mid-market ERP current existing customers. We also have deep experience in the insurance space, and so Hyland’s Insurance group has been great to align with developing strategies to offer solutions to that market.

When I think about partnering with Hyland, we obviously work with a lot of vendors, being a full service IT firm, I consider Hyland top of class, clearly. And the reason I think that way is they are great listeners. They listen to how I want to engage my customers. They come up with innovative solutions to our thoughts and our plans and our strategies and our customer needs.

They develop approaches that align perfectly with what we want to offer our customers."