Fax Server Partners

OnBase can integrate with your fax server technology. We have partnered with these leading providers to connect your OnBase system to meet your fax server needs.


The FAXCOM® Fax Server, the central component of Biscom's fax product line, supports document delivery via fax, email, and the Internet while also handling incoming and outgoing document workflow. Because Biscom's enterprise-class technology is built to be extremely flexible, highly scalable, and easy-to-use, it can be swiftly implemented to meet the demands of global businesses.

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Achieve strategic business objectives by eliminating manual document handling to gain efficiencies in the cash conversion cycle.

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Fax Import Integration for RightFax works behind the scenes to capture, classify, and store electronic copies of faxes. The electronic fax solution captures and stores anything sent and received through a RightFax server, eliminating the need for old devices that can potentially ruin documents.

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